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We offer here a few of our favorite blogs and devotionals that we follow

in those moments when we seek grounding in our faith and life experience.

Unfolding Light

Unfolding Light is a daily reflection written in prose by Pastor Steve Garnaas-Holmes and is "rooted in a contemplative, Creation-centered spirituality." Just a treat! Visit

God Pause

God Pause is a daily devotional put out by Luther Seminary for those who wish to explore their faith and its interaction with the world and their lives more deeply. Visit

Devotionals 365

Devotionals 365 has an intriguing format for each day's devotional: Pause, Listen, Think, Pray, Go. If you're looking for a devotional that's engaging and connects real life with scripture, this one's for you! Visit

Full Of Years

If you value people who are older—and also your own aging—these entries will help you rejoice in the fullness of this stage of life: its gritty realities, secret joys, hidden spirituality and cherished moments—reasons to be grateful that old age is always a gift from God!


Reflections from Pastor Scott

Pastor Scott Hedegaard of Our Redeemer Lutheran Church in

Great Falls emails out daily devotions that include the flavor of what's happening currently in Montana.

Get centered every morning

you open your email!

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contact Pastor Hedegaard at

Online Bible

A nifty way to read the Bible on the go, this online Bible allows you to choose from a variety of translations.


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