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Welcome to Worship!

We’re so happy you’re here today!

We worship each week to:

  • Fill our cups; life can be tough, and it’s helpful to share in the burden and to hear a message of hope, love, peace, and grace
  • Remind us about what’s important (our relationship of love with God and one another)
  • Rejoice in the grace that is freely given to us through Jesus
  • Connect with a community of people who share our values - even virtually!

The church is more than a building. While worshiping in this way is not exactly the same as being together in the sanctuary, we trust that we are the body of Christ and connected together by the love and grace of God, no matter where we are.

Welcome to worship this day, and may this time of worship strengthen and encourage you in the week ahead!

Prepare for Worship

We invite you to set aside a space wherever you are to participate in worship. If you like, find a candle and settle in. 


Worship Service

Click below to view this week's service live on YouTube:

We regularly take holy communion - yes, even virtually! Click the button below for a guide to preparing for the service.

Can't watch live? No problem! You can access all our archived worship services via YouTube.  

If you’ve been touched by this service, please consider supporting the ministry of St. Paul by making a gift. You may send a check to St. Paul Lutheran Church, 202 Brooks St, Missoula, MT 59801, or you can click the button below to make a donation online:


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