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Welcome to St. Paul Lutheran Church, an inviting Christian community where everyone feels like family and the church feels like home. It’s a place where questions are welcome, where we explore what spirituality means to each of us, and where we follow our curiosities to continue to learn and grow. It’s a place of shared values, where we walk the journey of life together, celebrating joys and struggles. At the heart of who we are is our service to others, sharing our blessings and God’s love and grace with our community and world.

About Us & Our Sunday Worship

St. Paul Lutheran Church is affiliated with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA), one of the largest Christian denominations and the largest Lutheran denomination in the United States and includes many local, national and international social and relief organizations and ministries. As Lutherans, we are a community of people searching, serving, and living in the grace of God.

Trusting that God is here among us, we strive to offer worship that honors God through prayer, praise and thanksgiving. Through the words we hear and speak, through the waters of baptism and the bread and wine of communion, and through the music we hear and sing, we encounter the triune God in many and various ways.

Understanding that we encounter God in different ways, we seek to provide a variety of music and liturgy for a multi-generational and multi-cultural community. We invite all to participate in this community by sharing and singing each other’s songs and welcoming one another in the name of the risen Christ. Children are most welcome at worship and we provide children’s programs, soft toys and books in addition to an unstaffed nursery with audio feed of the service adjacent to the lower fellowship hall. Educational opportunities are offered for all ages on Sundays, from Sunday School and a youth group to adult education and new member classes between services.

Also understanding we encounter God in different ways, we offer a variety of service opportunities and ministries within and beyond the community for people to encounter God in serving those in need. Just a few examples of serving ministries we participate in and support are Habitat for Humanity, the Poverello Center, Missoula Interfaith Collaborative, and Stephen Ministry.

If you are searching, questioning or needing a deeper sense of life, meaning, or purpose, or if you are looking for a new church home and family of faith to engage in, we welcome you.    

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